You’ve brought your business a long way. Maybe you created it from nothing; maybe you inherited your role as boss but have taken your company a long way. No matter what your story is, you have committed yourself to making your business the best in its industry. But even though you have put the work in, you find yourself dealing with problems that have no easy solution. Everything from budgets to research and development can bring a sudden halt to an otherwise smooth operation.

So how do you solve the variety of issues that you face as a leader? We have some ideas.

Admit You Have A Problem

It’s never easy to ask for help. But if you don’t reach out for advice or information, you may find your company floundering under what was once an easy situation to manage. When you’re leading your team, it’s tempting to give the illusion that you are in total control. And in a perfect world, you would be. But you have given too much to your company to be stopped by a problem that someone can help you solve, even if that someone isn’t you.

When you do ask for help, find the right fit for your company. Reach out to an expert like The Skylight Group to find out which areas of your company really need attention, and how you go about giving that attention. Be sure to keep your team members up to date so they are aware that changes or updates may be heading their way. Be as honest as you can – your staff members will likely know that something is going on, and the rumor mill is often much more damaging than the truth. No one expects you to have all the answers – you just have to be willing to ask the questions. Good communication goes a very long way.

Identify Your Issues

If you’ve seen any of the dozens of superhero movies in the last 10 years, you’ll notice a trend: They always work together to defeat the villain. Your company, though likely not comprised of flying superhumans, should use the same strategy when it comes to problem solving. In order to identify which problems your company needs to solve, you should gather your team together – your whole team. If you have a large company, you may need to do this in smaller stages or groups, but be sure every staff member has the chance to make their voice heard. Once everyone is up to speed on why they are there, give them a chance to discuss any concerns you have brought up, and make sure you find out if they have concerns of their own.

As you listen to their feedback, make sure you write down or record what they are saying (you can ask your employees to do this anonymously if it’s more comfortable for everyone). Compile everyone’s ideas and look for trends or common issues that are brought up by multiple people, especially across different departments. Create a document that breaks everything down into categories: The problem, the solutions, and what resources you’ll need to make it all happen. Once you have pared it down to the basics, send your document out to your team to make sure there is nothing you left out. Now you’re ready to help your business move forward.

Bring in Outside Help

You undoubtedly have a great team of employees who are ready and eager to help you solve the problems your business is facing. However, while your team is valuable and integral to your company’s success, they still work for you – which means they may not have an objective point of view. It would be nearly impossible. That’s why you bring in someone who you don’t employ, but who does want to go to work for you. Find a company that has a lot of experience with problem solving and talk to them about the concerns you discussed with your team. Then you have to take the leap and ask for their assistance.

Once you bring in an expert who is ready to teach you best practices for problem solving, you still have to do one crucial thing: Follow through with their plan! Many businesses bring in an expert, listen to their ideas, and then decide to follow through themselves without the benefit of the consulting team. If you want results that stick, you have to stick with the experts! Don’t hamper your own success by failing to heed the advice that you worked so hard to find. Eventually, you will meet with these advisors less and less frequently, until one day you find you no longer need to consult with them at all. This is the goal of all consulting companies – they want to turn you into an expert, too.

Leading a company is no small task. Solving problems as a leader is an even bigger task! But you don’t have to figure it out by yourself. The Skylight Group is committed to giving your business the tools and strategies it needs to manage each and every situation that arises. Email us at or call (317) 416-4369 to start your problem solving today.

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