In a world where online reviews and testimonials can make or a break a company, every business is clamoring to be the very best – not only in products or services, but in the way their employees view them, as well. While it’s an admirable goal to be a best place to work, it’s not something you can achieve overnight. It takes time, the right tools, and you need the right strategy. Read on to learn some of what it takes to get your employees excited about coming into work each day.

Find the Right Fit


Every great company starts with great people. You need a great team that is able to meet the demands of your company, can manage themselves and carry out the strategy that has been established. Your business may also have some unique needs that your employees need to meet in addition to more generic tasks. So, how do you decide which people to hire? It all starts with the interview process.


By the time you interview a potential employee, you already know their qualifications. You know which skills they bring to the table and what kind of experiences they have to draw on for future tasks. But it is the interview that will give you the final piece of the puzzle to decide if this applicant is the right choice for your team. This is your opportunity to be honest with any potential hires about the daily demands of the role they want to fill. Don’t beat around the bush or downplay the level of work needed – you want someone who understand the job requirements, is willing to fulfill them each day, and who can partner with you to make their role even more impactful. Lay it all out for each potential applicant and see which ones are the most willing to rise to the challenge of your business.


One important thing to note about the interview process is not to ignore any concerns you have about the interviewee during your talk. Potential hires are on their best behavior during an interview, so if you see some red flags in the short time you spend with them, you will be sure to encounter more issues down the road.


Create the Right Culture


Over a third of our lives are spent in our professions. This means your team will spend nearly as much time with you as they will with their family, friends, or even sleeping. Creating a positive, motivating culture for your employees is an absolute necessity if you want your business to be a best place to work. Every company will have a unique opportunity to create different types of cultures, but there are some critical steps that apply to all businesses, no matter where you are located or how many clients you have.


For starters, you want your employees to feel respected. If they know you value their contribution to the team, they will be more motivated to do their jobs well. One way you can go about this is to get to know your team members. You might have a large company, but you can find the time to at least chat with each employee and learn about their background. As you establish a connection with your team, you will find they appreciate that you made a point to reach out to them. Offer information about yourself, as well – you don’t need to share anything that’s too personal, but you can bond with your team over a mutual love for a local sports team, or a favorite restaurant, or even how terrible the traffic is in your area. Be purposeful in your attempts to know them better, and try to remember a detail or two about your team members for future conversations.


You also want to invest in your team, both with time and money. For instance, you might sponsor a dinner out for all of your team members so they can get to know each other outside of work. Or you can bring donuts and coffee into the office on Mondays to give everyone an extra boost as they start their work week. Little gestures add up quickly, and it will inspire your employees to be excited about work if they know their boss is willing to go the extra mile for them.


Of course, none of this is possible without another necessary step: Constant communication. Your employees will be able to do their jobs much more efficiently if they can see the big picture. This doesn’t mean you need to send an email every hour, but just take the extra step to keep your team in the loop. Don’t let them be surprised by a sudden development or requirement – utilize email, meetings, and group chats to give everyone important updates.


It’s also a good idea to facilitate communication from both sides. Give your team the chance to give you feedback and voice concerns they may have, as well as the chance to pitch new ideas to you. Remember, everyone wants to be heard and respected. You have a lot of demands of your own to stay on top of, but don’t hide out in your office everyday. Schedule some time to sit with your team and talk about business matters, or even just catch up on their lives and activities.


Becoming a best place to work won’t happen overnight – or even in a month. It takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of innovation. We know it doesn’t seem easy (because it isn’t), but we can help you navigate your way to being the best in every category. Call us today at (317) 416-4369 to learn how we can help.

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