Lynn Driver – He Is Passionate For Your Success

Lynn DriverLynn Driver’s passion is to share his knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve the success they desire. His strong track record in fiscal, strategic, and operational leadership provides a results-oriented leadership style.

Lynn’s background as a successful entrepreneur includes leading the Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO) as CEO for 37 years, providing oversight for a staff of 140 in four locations within Indiana. He also formed and implemented a Foundation that provided funds for supporting donation efforts and scholarships for donor families. IOPO had a positive financial operating margin each year during his tenure, accumulating an $8 Million fund balance. Lynn was recognized in the top 50 places to work in Indiana during his last 5 years before retiring in 2012

Skylight Commercial Lending

Soon discovering that retirement wasn’t for him, Lynn’s next venture included the opportunity to partner with his son. They developed the brokerage company, Skylight Commercial Lending to provide all types of commercial lending services to any business or industry. While meeting with these business owners, Lynn noticed there are often internal issues in play that directly or indirectly caused the need for them to seek funding.

The Skylight Group

This realization encouraged him to develop The Skylight Group, a business development company. By discovering and addressing internal roadblocks, he is able to rely on his experience and knowledge to assist the leadership team. The Skylight Group and Skylight Commercial Lending – individually or together – can be the compass many companies need to move forward.

Key Accomplishments

  • President/CEO, Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO) for 37 years
  • IOPO was consistently nationally ranked in the top organ procurement organizations
  • Developed and operationalized three different facilities
  • Implemented operational improvement programs: Studer and Six Sigma and Lean
  • Developed a successful commercial lending company
  • Served on numerous boards and committees throughout the medical industry
  • Serves on the Alliance Board of Directors
Key Business Experience and Achievements
  1. Directing business operations, P & L administration, and industry leading customer service efforts in top executive level roles.
  2. Conceptualizing strategic initiatives to propel the achievement of corporate goals, streamlining operations and maximizing staff performance.
  3.  Directing Human Resources, performance management, as well as staff leadership and development.
  4. Realizing consistent improvements in organizational profitability, efficiencies, performance through effective problem solving as well as organization and interpersonal abilities.
  5. Growing a healthcare business from myself to over 140 people driving a $30mm dollar budget.
  6. Building a call center that facilitated over 50,000 calls a year.
  7. Building a Foundation of over $8mm to support various community activities.


  • 1972 Indiana Tech Graduate of Surgical Assistant Program
  • 1975 IUPUI Business and Marketing