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The Skylight Group works with companies that are struggling and need an operational turnaround.


The Skylight Group works with clients to help them grow their business, move with confidence and make quicker decisions.


The Skylight Group can provide entrepreneur’s the necessary tools to start a business and avoid the typical start-up mistakes. 


Skylight Commercial Lending will partner with you to help you chart a course of financial stability and growth for your business. 

Meet Lynn Driver – He is Passionate For Your Success

Lynn DriverLynn Driver’s passion is to share his knowledge and experience to help entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve the success they desire. His strong track record in fiscal, strategic, and operational leadership provides a results-oriented leadership style.

Lynn is an experienced business consultant with more than 30 years experience in the field of executive operations. He is an innovative and committed business expert who has a proven history of aiding and significantly improving the efficiency and success of businesses from the top down. An individual who prioritizes working alongside clients in order to achieve the desired results in a quick and efficient manner. He is familiar with all stages of project design and implementation in order to train or educate employees as necessary and has extensive experience in strategic planning and building infrastructure. Lynn has served as CEO of a large healthcare organization as well as providing leadership to many different industries.

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